What are the qualifications to become a franchisee?

We are looking for franchise owners that own and operate the franchise on a day to day basis or have an operating principal that has a minimum of 20% ownership. Owner operators are an integral component to our franchise system. We are also looking for franchisees who have a strong sales skills and are customer service oriented. We are looking for people who have high personal standards, a commitment to excellent customer service, a strong sense of integrity. Ideally a franchisee will have franchise operations or food service experience. A franchisee might also have management experience or have been an entrepreneur in other businesses.

How much does it cost to open a franchise?

For a single unit franchise the initial investment will typically range between $181,100 and $348,600. This also includes the franchise fee.

What is your franchise fee?

Our franchise fee is $29,500 for one franchise.

What is your royalty fee?

Our royalty is 5% of gross revenue.

Do you have any marketing fees?

Yes, we have two primary forms of marketing fees. The first is your local marketing which you will be spending in your local area. The local marketing fee is 3% of gross revenue or $1,950, whichever is greater.

The second fee is the Marketing Fund Contribution, which goes to support national and regional marketing efforts for the franchise system. Currently, this fee is 2% of gross sales.

How much can I make as a franchisee?

We do not currently make a financial performance representation, Item 19 in the franchise disclosure document. There are a wide range of variable which will drive the amount of revenue or income you can make as a franchisee. Some of those variables include: location, local demographics, time of year, local/national events, your staff, how hard you work as a franchisee, and many others.

What is the franchise territory?

We do not currently provide franchisees with a protected territory. We will be sure to be careful about the proximity of the franchisees to one another to avoid over saturation in an area.

What does you franchise training include?

Our franchisee training is typically 2 weeks. We will train you on how to run the front of the house, back of the house, and administration operations. We will train you on how to run our system and processes.

What type of support do I get with a Slice Factory® franchise?

You get access to our brand, recipes & procedures, vendors, training, store build-out & trade dress, website, social media, online ordering, gift card program, etc. Most importantly, you get to be a part of a dynamic organization that is dedicated to provide great quality food and customer service.

Can I secure a territory to develop multiple Slice Factory® restaurants?

Depending on your qualifications, we will award franchises for multiple restaurants (under an area development agreement).

Do I need to already have a location?

You should be familiar with the general area you would like to open a franchise. You are not required to already have a location you intend to open up a franchise. We will discuss the options for securing a restaurant location during the franchise evaluation process.

What are the steps to becoming a franchisee?

A typical process to becoming a franchisee looks as follows:

  1. Submit a request for more information
  2. Complete an introductory call with one of our franchise representatives
  3. Complete a franchise application
  4. Schedule a discovery day visit where you will come to see our operation and meet the franchise operations team
  5. Receive and review our franchise disclosure document
  6. Sign franchise agreement and pay franchise fee
  7. Begin the training process

How do I contact someone about a franchise?

You can contact us by completing this contact form or by sending us an email to: [email protected] or calling Dom at: 708-328-0080.