Chicago-based Slice Factory has brought back its $5 deal including a jumbo pizza slice with a free soda in-store, via delivery or with the slice drive-thru. The $5 meal was offered from 1998 to 2013 and the brand said it is bringing it back to thank their loyal guests, according to a press release.

Currently, Jumbo Slices range from $6.49 to $7.49, and soft drinks are $2.75.

“It doesn’t take an economist to see that due to record-breaking inflation, interest rate hikes and companies having major layoffs, we are heading toward, if not currently, in a recession,” Dom DiDiana, founder of Slice Factory, said in the release. “That was the major driving factor behind creating this offer. A complete meal on a $5.00 budget is unheard of nowadays. Not to mention the reason we call our slices jumbo is because they really are. Each slice is 14 inches, or about the length of your forearm.”

Slice Factory currently has 13 locations operating throughout Chicago.

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